Jobs and Careers in Anacortes

Between now and 2036, the state and county project our population growth at around 5,200 new residents. This growth will require the addition of approximately 2,200 new job to support the new residents.

There is already a shortage of good career positions for our current residents and this growth dynamic will put increasing pressure on us to grow businesses, attract new employers and industries.

We’ll want to be very planful about how this evolves so that we can manage the direction it takes and the impact on the city, toward industries we would like here and employers who can offer desirable career to local residents.

One approach is to invite and incent IT and professional services companies to set up offices here in Anacortes, to utilize our municipal high-speed broadband and take advantage of our low business cost, low taxes, low crime rate, excellent educational system and available local workforce.

With intentional commercial development in targeted business segments we can create a hub of networked and symbiotic employers which may grow stronger together.

Dom Tor Fleming