My Contribution

The city has worked hard to create an outstanding Comprehensive Plan for our future. Now the emphasis moves to execution and fulfilling that vision. This next stage will require our City Council to carefully manage budgets and spending, to prioritize goals and efforts and to manage significant complexity among projects & policies. This is where my skills and experience in finance, planning and organization development can make a difference on the Anacortes City Council.


Responsive Government

My priority is to ensure we have a responsible and conscientious government which is responsive to the needs of the residents. Our City Council should be open and connected to the voice and concerns of the citizens, balancing immediate concerns with long-range planning to ensure Anacortes continues to thrive. I want to ensure we are careful and conscientious with citizen’s tax dollars.


Nature & Conservation

One of the most wonderful things about Anacortes is the beauty of our forestlands, parks, trails and waters. I would like to expand our protected areas and enshrine their protection so that they remain pristine and healthy. I envision Anacortes providing this same beauty when our great-grandchildren are hiking these trails.

Building (3).jpg

Economic Development

We can create new businesses, drive economic growth and grow meaningful and desirable careers in Anacortes through localized buy/supply campaigns, by updating and improving our infrastructure and by attracting new and diverse employers to our city. We can create opportunities for our children to build their life in Anacortes.

Housing 2.jpg

Affordable Housing

In order to accommodate growth and affordability while retaining the beauty and livability of our home, we can use innovative concepts to create desirable, affordable and convenient single and multi-unit housing units. We can build intentional communities with convenient and easy local pedestrian access to services and markets.

Solar 4.jpg

Solar Production

We have invested in solar energy production, placing panels on City Hall, facilities and buildings throughout town. We have an opportunity to utilize unused city land for solar and wind energy production. Locally produced excess energy can be sold to PSE with revenue used to fund city services and programs reducing local tax burdens.